An Open Letter to the Masses

October 7, 2016

gap "year" 

"A period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between school and university or college education."

As I begin to write this, my thoughts drift to the billions of people who will never read what I have to say. Hundreds of millions of people, from the young, lowly coffee shop barista, to the old, powerful politician will never hear nor remotely care about what a young writer like myself has to say. My thoughts then go to the very few people that do happen to come across my small, existential crisis fueled, blog; and to the even fewer of you who might actually read this whole letter and enjoy it.

For that last group, I thank you in advance.

My name is T.C. Barrera. I am a screenwriter, (as pretentious as that sounds), that finds himself at a crossroads.  I graduated from high school with letters of acceptance to nearly all the schools I applied for, film school or otherwise. A few months into the summer, however, after the constant debating with my brilliantly understanding (most of the time) parents, I made a decision, a decision they gave me their blessing for,  to not attend college in the fall. I instead have opted to accept a production assistant position across the country on a film set I know nearly nothing about.  Though many who have heard of my situation cry "folly," I see it as the best progression of events that could have possibly happened in my life.

To begin to understand why I find myself so confident in my "plight," one must first understand my upbringing. Through high school, I found myself constantly doing everything I wasn't supposed to do as a high schooler: study, work hard, and focus. These three things would have been great for my academics if not for the fact that they were applied to everything related to a basic film education, as opposed to a high school education.  Simply put: I put knowledge of film and popular culture first, then literally everything else second. As a result, I found myself with but one career goal in mind: a career in the art of film.  After graduation, I began to look for every opportunity I could find that could possibly take me closer to achieving my career goal, which, if you're keeping track, has led me to take a PA position across the country.

You don't care about that, I know. You care about the simple answer to this question: "Why am I here?"

If you're looking for the deep, existential answer to the "Why am I here," "here" being,  life itself, then I don't have that for you. Though, maybe if you stick around, we can work through that together. I do have the answer as to why you're HERE, specifically, reading this blog.  I have, for the past few months, been trying to find even ONE of two things: a real, genuine, true commentary about what it means to be a young person on a gap "year," and an outlet in which I can record the observations of an ever changing, confusing world, by myself, a proverbial "millennial," so often seen as a plague to society.

In this tiny corner of the internet, hosted by myself, alongside the very few of you I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I plan to provide, if only for myself, both of those things.  If that sounds like something that interests you, I invite you to stay. I do, however, would like to warn those that stay of these simple facts: I will always be real, I will always be genuine, and I will always TRY to be true. In brief, I will hold nothing back.

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. I'm just trying to understand it.

Yours, always sincerely,
T.C. Barrera