I'm not one for positive motivation.  In fact, it's the opposite.  This post won't have the words of inspiration and veil of misplaced optimism that most start of the year think pieces contain.  I can but only offer my own, small, insignificant motivations.  

I will begin this year living on the east coast.  After a few weeks of not working, I find myself not just hungry, but STARVING for work.  A year is a long time.  The prospect of working for 365 days is wildly enticing to me.  Simply stated: I want to start the year at 200% and never slow down throughout the whole year.  I plan to do this by not only pushing myself at work, but also pushing myself in all aspects of my filmmaking lifestyle.  From photography to writing, I want to be challenged, both by myself and by others.  I want to write more than ever before, I want to capture more than ever before, and I want to EXPERIENCE more than ever before.  

It is, however, important to me to keep my head on straight.  Though I'll likely take every opportunity that lands in front of me, I fully commit myself to staying well rounded and grounded.  It would be so easy to coast on any early successes in the field that I may earn.  I, however, have always held on to the idea that "comfort is death."  In my eyes, becoming complacent is dangerous, if not fatal.  To be constantly pushing to be better is the state of mind I have always carried.  A simple refusal to be comfortable for too long is what I hope to carry me throughout the whole year, always moving forward.  

As for the blog, I have a deep desire to delve into more content like my piece titled: "The Importance of Dabbing: A Brief Essay on the Human Experience," while at the same time keeping up with my photography and self-taught film studies.  It would be unrealistic of me to claim any sort of true schedule when it comes to this blog.  Though I strive to be consistent, I must also strive to be realistic.  This being said, I'm bouncing ideas around in my head, always, and I, at some point, want to put them to paper.  I hope, when I eventually do, there will be someone out there who will read and find some type of enjoyment in reading them.  For now, however, travel updates will continue until I find the time to post more of my creative works.  

To close, I don't want to offer some piece of writing that naively wishes for a hope filled year.  In reality, trials and tribulations will no doubt be ever prevalent regardless of how determined anyone is to make it otherwise.  I can, however, serve as an example of someone who purposes in his heart to push as hard as he can to succeed in pursuing a fantastic year.  

Always speaking in absolutes,
T.C. Barrera