A leap year. An election year. The year of the meme. A year of the Summer Olympics. Brexit. Harambe. Clinton. Trump. Fake news. Social justice. Zika. Feminism. PokemonGo. Black Lives Matter. Every celebrity you cared about died.

Frank Ocean even dropped his damn album or whatever.

A lot happened. A lot of good. A lot of bad. That is the long and the short of it. Another year passed on Pope Gregory XIII's calendar that all who are reading this can celebrate.  I find myself sitting in my room struggling to type this because I've never been one to be overly sentimental. In my eyes, the year found us not only understanding more than we ever knew about the world, but also more confused than we've ever been. 

At first sounding like a negative, I cringe while I type that.

After thought, however, the sentiment leaves me happy that there is still much to learn about the world. The prospect of 2017 is as exciting to me as it is to everyone else, not only for society as a whole, but for myself and my personal journey.  It will be the first year in my life that I will start without being enrolled in any formal education system. I have work in film lined up with contacts of people who are willing to supply me the work to keep me going up in this industry. Throughout the year I'll be living in a different state, with different people, while working different jobs. I've written about it before, but the prospect of the unknown is so fascinating and illustrious to me that I find myself absolutely itching to dive in.

But enough about the near future, this is a look back.

In brief, the year (though the haters will say it sucked) was a good one. Good because a lot of good happened. Good because we got through it. Good because at the end of it we're able to say we can look forward to another one. Will there be tough parts? Sure. There always is, but the simple fact that it will go on and the sun will rise again tomorrow is a comforting one.

Regrettably cheesy,

T.C. Barrera