A Moment to Breathe

After releasing, "On A Jetplane," I planned to release a piece titled, "Landfall." It would have been written in the same style as the former, but would have been about my observations of the physical environment I found myself in.  I was naive. How quaint an idea it is now that I would have had time to take in my surroundings.  

I have been away from home for nearly a month.  The work is hard. The long hours, the difficult tasks, and the lack of sleep are ingredients for a work environment that many would grow to hate even after such a short time.  My position is Key Set Production Assistant. Due to the nature of the production, it seems as though I do the jobs of many.  I hear remarks like, "You know you're being abused, right?" on a nearly daily basis.  It is easily the most difficult job I've ever had in my life.  

I love every waking second of it.  

I want to do more. I want to be better at it.  My superiors in this production threw me into the fire and it feels so right.  There is never a moment in the day that I think to myself that I'm not exactly where I'm supposed to be.  It's in my job description to be the "first in and the last out.  Many would balk at the idea of being at work the longest.  I see it as a gift.  There is a deep feeling of contentment that I feel knowing that as hard as the work is, there's nothing else in the world that I'd rather be doing at that particular moment in time. This being said, I want to progress, I want to be paid for doing more, and I want to get hired for more work in the future (no matter how far I have to travel to get it).  I love the idea of being the hardest worker in any given room.  I want to be that guy no matter where I'm placed and no matter how high up I go.  

There is so much more that I could add into this piece that would serve the purpose of further convincing you that I love what I do.  I wish there was time.  

Thankfully, I have to go to work.   

More soon,
T.C. Barrera