An Open Letter to the Masses

My thoughts first go to a sentiment that opened the first "An Open Letter to the Masses."  Billions of people will never read what I have to say.  From senators and social workers to fast food employees and impoverished third world youth, a majority of the world's populace will never come across this blog and the words and photographs documented on it.  My thoughts then go to the small group of people who do happen across this existential crisis fueled blog; and, to the even smaller group of people who read this letter and enjoy it enough to want to read more.

For that last group, I thank you in advance.

First, a personal introduction is necessary.

My name is T.C. Barrera.  A writer and filmmaker working in the film industry as a production assistant in various departments.  I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California; and, at the start of my career in film moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where I currently reside. I've always loved to write. From short stories and poetry to argumentative and observational essays, writing has often been an outlet for an ever pervading, environmentally nurtured need to create.  Though at first seeming like an ultimately barebones description of myself, I aim to not tell you who I am, but rather to let what writing is on this blog define me as a person.

You don't care about that just yet, I know. You care about the simple answer to this question: "Why am I here?"

Though my aim is not to poke fun at the following, it is worth noting that in most common letters of introduction on personal blogs, the author would now go about convincing the reader why they should stay and view the content laid out on the blog.  The author would reference the relatability or the informative nature of his content in an effort to convince the reader to stay. Ultimately citing himself as a personality of relatable nature, possibly even with something informative to say.

This is not one of those blogs. I am not one of those writers.

As for the question, "Why am I here?"

If you're looking for the deep, philosophically based answer to the "Why am I here," question, "here," being the key word representing life itself, then I don't have that for you.  Though, maybe if you stick around, we can work through that together.  I do have the answer as to why you're HERE specifically, reading this blog.  As I mentioned before, this is not a blog designed to be relatable or informative.  Rather, this blog serves as an archive of written observations. Observations that revolve primarily on the societal complexities of the aforementioned senators, social workers, fast food employees, and myriad of impoverished third world youth, in essence, humanity itself. Further, it may often include observations on self, in an often, but not always, vain effort to keep myself in check.  Put simply, here you will find the written thoughts that I have regarding as many, for lack of a better term, "walks of life" and oddities of society and self that I have the pleasure of observing.  

To those of you who that may interest, it is important to emphasize again that this blog is not one that specifically aims to be relatable or informative.  For those that aim to stay and read on, I warn you of these simple facts: I will always be real, I will always be genuine, and I will always TRY to be true, regardless how abrasive I may be.  In brief, I will hold nothing back.  

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, I'm just trying to understand it. 

Yours, always sincerely, 

T.C. Barrera

An Open Letter to the Masses

October 7, 2016